Krav Maga: Hebrew for ‘getting the crap kicked out of you’

OUCH! Is there ANY muscle that isn’t aching today? No WAY was that Israeli guy a lowly P1.

It’s surprisingly hard to ‘slow fight’ – fight in slow motion so you can practice moves; the tendency is for both parties (or, since this is Krav Maga, three or more parties) to speed up and land a few extra blows. This one guy I was partnered with on Saturday was, er, a bit quicker than the exercise really called for. It’s all good; you wouldn’t get what you expect in a street fight, and ‘real’ situations are what KM is all about. But 90 mins of punching and kicking has seriously worn me out; for once I’m feeling like the thirtysomething I am. Gotta heal up in time to jump out of those planes on Saturday; stiff arms are no excuse at 15,000 feet…

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