There’s probably no driver

The story of the religionista who refuses to drive a bus promoting rationality would be funny if it wasn’t for the bus company’s reaction.

So First Bus says it will do ‘everything in its power’ to make sure the god theorist doesn’t have to drive the buses with the slogans on? What a letdown. It’s yet another symptom of a growing British malaise: a tendency to try and cater for prissy people’s whimsies, regardless of the cost to everyone else.

OK, so the driver believes in one of the 250,000 god theories. That’s fine with me; it’s a perfectly understandable evolved trait. But what he’s saying by his actions is… “My private beliefs are important to me… and they should be important to you too!” Well, they’re not.

But my right to believe otherwise (adopting a rational view) apparently isn’t all right with him. He believes he should have the right to pick and choose the advertising that appears at his workplace, which is paid for by someone else and is none of his damn business.

First Bus is making a big mistake. The correct response is such situations is “Suck it in – or find another job.” Once again, by pussyfooting around religionistas, we’re empowering the silliest ones and making them think they’re important.

Should a gay male driver be able to pick the buses without lingerie models? Or a black driver be able to limit his vehicle choice to those which promote black role models? Or a Muslim be able to take himself off the roster for a bus on the route to the local synagogue?

You can see we’re on a very slippery slope here, and First Bus is driving us headlong down it. It’s time to push that ‘STOPPING’ button.

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