Rolling on

I’m a bit sad that 2008 is ending; it’s been a great year. New qualifications, new jobs, new projects, and new hobbies. I’m ‘complete’ again after the troubled 2007.

Which makes my New Year’s Resolutions rather easy, somehow…

– Formalise the new roles into a new career: Chief of Staff or Marketing Director.
– Lay out my plans for creating £1bn of shareholder value for someone.
– Rejoin a gym and maintain tri-fitness.
– Continue the 99 each morning – 3 x 33 pressups, crunches, and squats.
– Progress beyond Practitioner in Krav Maga.
– Get my FS1 skydiving certification.
– Do 3 x GMAT questions each day to keep reasoning skills sharp.
– Absorb at least one case study each week, PDF or Podcast.
– Meditate for 10 minutes a day.
– Add 9 people a week to personal network.
– Get away for one weekend each month and explore somewhere.

2009 is going to make 2008 look like 2007. I can hardly wait.