As one year turns into another

I’ve got a lot to do in 2009.

2008 went well: gained a gold-plated business qualification, two new roles, and learned to skydive while taking a year out on a university campus; I also realised why some people are religionists, and finally forgave them for it, gaining an understanding of the subject at a ‘meta’ level. A year when I proved to myself I wasn’t settled into a comfortably-numb thirtysomething rut and still had a fresh mind. A great year. But it’s set me up for a busy 2009.

Next year’s goals: get my FS1 skydiving qual, progress from Practitioner to Expert in KM, get back into triathlon. All good. There’s a host of little ones too: turn five-a-day into rock-solid daily routine (with a banana, berries, and Innocent, I can get three before even leaving the house), read one case study and do five GMAT questions a day to keep my brain on edge, practice ten minutes of meditation a day. But the biggest ones are financial: turn one of the roles I’m in into an invested partnership before 2009 closes.

I’ve a feeling my big score lies in 2009, and I already have an idea what it is. Hundreds of little components, lots of decisions, but all of them inexorably pointing towards genuine wealth as opposed to income. The financial knowledge I picked up on the MBA; the businesses I’m now involved with; the broader economics and demographics that dictate which sectors are going to go like gangbusters over the next decade. This year, it’s just a case of positioning myself in the right streams and driving hard along them.

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