The wonders of life

Wow, this pic of the part-formed foot found inside a baby’s brain is absolutely beautiful. Some small error in the transcription process caused a couple of cells to be misplaced, but they just blindly carried out their programme of building feet until there were no longer the resources to continue.

The process of building a human body is stunning, but blind: just ribonucleic acid taking instructions from DNA and directing strings of amino acids to join together and fold up along a timeline. Each step evolved and improved over the generations, random mutation combined with nonrandom natural selection, the least-worst designs surviving and passing their attributes to the next generation where it all begins again. Most mutations are useless, like this one: but some are useful, like light-sensitive patches that over millions of years become eyes. And through these conflicts the human story – one small part of a larger story – continues to be written.

The natural processes of biology and evolution are wonderful enough. We certainly don’t need any god theories to explain it.

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