Louis Farrakhan speaks… the same old same old

I wondered how long it’d be before twisted and bitter old Louis Farrakhan turned Obama’s victory into another chapter in his lifelong rant against white people. Sorry, Louis: last Tuesday finally removed any justification you had for playing that old white-guilt card.

Of course, men like Farrakhan don’t want inequality to end, because it’d remove their very reason for living. Such people are nothing without something to moan about. They’re more part of the problem than part of the solution.

What these people never realise is that by constantly drawing attention to the rather minor differences between races, they’re driving divisions between us, when they should be drawing us together. I think drawing people together – forgetting little things like the odd gene or two – will be one of President Obama’s big strengths, and what Farrkhan, Jackson, Rev Wossname and whatever really can’t stand is that it’ll marginalise all the pomposity they hold most dear.

Nude ballet dancers: watch out for nutcrackers

Even the Royal Ballet is doing it: they’ve got a 2009 calendar out featuring nude ballet dancers, a potent combination. I’m not ordering one though – some of the pics are of the males, which means for six months of the year any visitors to my house will think I’m gay.

Raises a question, though. Is it possible to buy a calendar these days that isn’t nude? Those Women’s Institute ladies have a lot to answer for.