Lissom lovers in the dreamscape

Another great dream. Last night was a romance scene from a mainstream movie: everything covered and one of those strange L-shaped duvets that only exist in cinema, you know, the type that covers the woman up to her neck but only the man up to his waist. Best of all, the female lead in this nocturnal movie was someone that I’d really like to be in that situation with.

The trouble is, the point of the scene was that she enjoyed being kissed in a certain place – on her right shoulder at the front above the breast – and the whole narrative revolved around what was special about this place. Let’s call it the M-spot.

But this raises a question: I really need to find out if the girl involved enjoys this in real life, since it’s not something I knew about her. But how do you ask? I mean, it’s not something you just come straight out with.

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