The day the Earth changed

I doubted… but at 3.15am this morning, I knew. When ultra-conservative white states like Iowa vote for Obama, it meant the game was up for the Republicans. Obama’s dream came true, thanks to a thousand details of decisionmaking and hard work.

Back in Chicago, Obama learnt the system, built his machine, worked it and made a difference in one of the most corrupt parts of the USA. During the candidacy, he organised again and beat a Democratic aristocracy at first opposed to him. In the campaign itself, he broke through racial barriers and appealed across the board, using the same skills of arranging things in order and getting things done.

If he can bring the same sense of organisation and discipline to the presidency, then he may be more than just the first black, or Hawaiian, or whatever else President; he may be one of the great ones. Another Lincoln. Or Roosevelt. He’s definitely got the spark in him.

Today the USA regains its dreams, and starts to live again. Well done, Obama.

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