My phone just got clunkier

My trusty XDA Exec has been somewhat less trusty recently, and it seemed to be due to an overworked battery. The thing’s spent the last 28 months switched on, after all, and rather than waiting for it to run empty then recharge properly, it’s spent most of its time being plugged in and out of a USB port trickle-charging while sync’ing. In the last few weeks it’s become unusable, dying whenever I terminate a call, so I ordered a new battery.

Unfortunately the only batteries available (buying a new battery for an old phone is true long-tail stuff; never sold in stores) are the double-size extra-strength ones, which make the phone twice as thick. It’s already a big phone, so the new battery makes it possibly the clunkiest phone in London. Maybe I can start some kind of retro chic trend.

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