Preludes and Nocturnes

I’m taking it as a sign: after a year or so of sleeping mostly the same way everyone else does, I’ve started to dream again – my way. Vividly and strongly, with coherent narratives and dialogue that retain their form into the waking hours.

Last night it was, for some reason, about Hitler. I’d discovered some iron rods that drained evil out of people, so tricked Adolph into meeting me in an underground cavern and trapped him under the rods. Once all the evil had been sucked out of him, I threw him into a lake of fire – ooer, getting a bit religious-themed here or what? Technically I shouldn’t have done the last bit, since at that point he wasn’t evil any more, but there are some people that shouldn’t get off on technicalities.

I love dreaming; it assures me I haven’t wasted six or seven hours just lying there.

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