I’ve always had great dreams: vivid and well-scripted with a proper narrative. Last night’s was excellent: driving a yellow hummer across a desert with my sister following a cheetah, then stopping and getting out to watch her give birth to a basket of eggs. (The cheetah, not my sister.) But I’m a bit concerned about a dream last week featuring… Sarah Palin?

I mean, apparently she’s the most popular Halloween costume among Americans this year. But I’m a sucker for a stylish little black number (that black skirt-suit she wears a lot certainly does it for me) and there are few 44-year olds (especially those who’ve given birth five times) who could pull off the trick of looking both smart and sassy yet acting your age. Hmmm, it’s almost a pity I only date ten years younger these days. And believe in evolution rather than primitive superstitions. And am sane. (Sort of.)

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