I’ve got a bad feeling about this

I’m in touch with a few of the latest Warwick MBA full-time cohort, and one thing has become clear: they’re all named after Star Wars characters.

I mean… Sumudu M? Jib Warittha? Gokturk D’mir? Sumudu M’s undoubtedly an X-Wing fighter jockey, defending the rebel alliance from the Empire. Jib Warittha, obviously an ambassador of a friendly alien race, possibly a diplomat. Gokturk D’mir – well, of course that’s an officer on an Imperial Star Destroyer. All of them would be perfectly at home in the Mos Eisley Cantina.

I wish them luck as their second week ends. I mean, my cohort last year was pretty special, but this lot fight space battles! But do they know how to build their own lightsabres yet? They’d better learn. The Force is strong with this cohort.

Wearing my Kenobi hat for a moment, here’s a tip for any of them reading:

“The Operations Lecturer in Term 1 will state your initial presentations ‘do not need to be polished and professional’. Don’t believe him.”