Brown going down

Brown’s just making his speech at the Labour Party conference. And it doesn’t seem to have set the world alight… although the man himself may shortly be going down in flames.

It’s standard Labour stuff: all about what they’ll do for the weak and the workshy, while ignoring the people who work their asses off to pay for this government’s endless gorging and gushing of taxes. So far, so Labour. But above all, it’s simply boring. Brown had to make a strong show here. But in the audience, Jack Straw’s already asleep.

I’d say this lacklustre speech clears the way for David “Brown is an inspiration” Milliband (yeah, we know what he’s inspiring you to do, kiddo) to make a leadership challenge. Brown’s never been a good talker, but this speech is just so unbearably dull he can’t possibly survive now.

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