I feel sick

Weird. Now the three-month dissertation project is complete – as usual, it all came down to the last 48 hours – I’ve suddenly lost my usual vitality. In fact, since waking at 7 I’ve felt like crap.

I’m guessing the focus on a rather difficult research question kept me so occupied my body just somehow kept up, although I’ve done little exercise since March except jumping out of the odd plane. Now the last spreadsheet and paragraph is done, and the whole thing’s PDF’d up and with the binding shop, it just let go. I feel like a normal person: listless, incurious, and physically weak. I hope this doesn’t last long.

It’s on!

The beam at the Large Hadron Collider has just been switched on, and it’s working better than anyone dreamed! The beam has made three complete circuits already, and they might even try the second beam that goes in the opposite direction (the one that ‘collides’) today. Great!

Not sure about some of the personalities the BBC have reporting on it, though. Steve Punt? Dara O’Brien? Surely recreating conditions straight after the Big Bang isn’t a laughing matter (although it may be good for puns?)

They could at least have invited Brian May from ‘Queen’. He recently completed his physics PhD after taking a couple of decades out for international stardom.

The choice of celebrities is balanced, though, by the presence of Dr Brian Cox, possibly the world’s coolest physicist. “Ex-rock star turned astrophysicist?” Now THAT’S an interesting CV.

He also gave a very scientific response to the doomsayers: “Anyone who thinks the Large Hadron Collider will destroy the world is a twat.