Low energy day

Well, after dealing with a credit card fraud on Saturday – kudos to Barclays and PayPal here; they made a big and messy job about as simple as it could be – and suffering the syrup-slow train services into London this weekend, I’m starting Monday dog tired but positive about the future.

I moved into my new London home yesterday, top floor of a sprawling townhouse in southwest London. (My own house is rented out right now and I’ve no immediate need for it back.) This place is much further from town than I’m used to – overland train rather than Tube – but it’s quiet and relaxed and with a kitchen that works; I don’t mind sharing for a few months after the scrum of university accomodation, and anyway the room’s got an entire wallful of cupboard space, so I can get ALL my stuff together in one place for once. Carrying 400kg up six flights of stairs wasn’t fun, but at least it’s all done now, and the room itself is large, simple, and carries a single monthly fee. Exactly what I need post-MBA.

The ache of body and mind persists, but I’m excited.

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