The strangest of feelings

Bit of a flat week. I’m on campus for the whole week, for the first time in months; no trips to London, Paris, or dropzones on the cards until next week. I thought I’d enjoy just being here, my last few days of being a student, but instead I feel suffocated.

Maybe it’s because it all feels over without being finished: the interesting parts are done but I can’t leave it all behind just yet. Everyone’s leaving, all my year’s people are flushing out past the lake and beyond the fields. I’ve added a thousand people to my address book this year, but now we’re last year’s cohort the sense of excitement and cameraderie has faded. I’m glad I could participate while the year was running hot, but the importance of those connections is fading fast.

Got to get out. Instead of working away on my dissertation here in my Lakeside room, I’m relocating. The library, the Learning Grid, somewhere. Got to get out, to feel my University around me.

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