Labour loses ultra-safe seat

A 22.5% swing away from Labour! While it’s a Scottish seat, and the winning party was the SNP, this is another big blow to New Labour and Gordon Brown.

Glasgow East was one of the safest Labour seats in the country: a hellhole of crumbling council blocks, unemployment and crime. But the whole basis of Scottish politics is hating the English, and the Scottish Nationalists took full advantage of it. It’s not well known south of the border that Gordon Brown isn’t that liked in Scotland: he’s seen as an English sellout rather than a local boy made good, in the same way American blacks chide any African-American with a degree and a job an ‘Oreo’ (white on the inside). Stupid and primitive, but it happens.

And now, by around 300 votes, Labour has one less seat in the House of Commons. Death by a thousand cuts. Brilliant.

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