Public sector porcines

Outside an office in Holburn, the public sector union UNISON is on the march over pay.

Waving banners, blowing whistles, generally having a wonderful day off from their ultra-safe jobs they can never be sacked from. How very diplomatic. How very courageous. How very self-sacrificing.


Do these people realise how good a deal they get? Do they have any fucking idea? And has even one of them bothered to read a newspaper recently? How last Friday, eleven years of New Labour’s appalling mismanagement finally got exposed as the UK economy finally went down the toilet – with a 20% stockmarket fall, real inflation at 4.6% and nothing, nothing whatsoever, left in the Exchequer to pay for it due to New Labour profligacy despite a decade of rising tax take?

I am a member of the hard-pressed private sector middle class, the group that isn’t allowed to complain yet has to PAY for every index-linked pension, every early retirement, every generous severance package the public sector porcines want to suck out of Britain’s competitiveness, their slack-jawed faces bloated by endless years of being sucked up to by Labour’s public-sector-bloating policies that ignore – worse than ignore; give an open-palmed smack in the face to – the real wealth creators.

Rise up, all you who work to actually build the economy rather than suck the lifeblood out of it, for YOU ARE BEING IGNORED.

I’m a private sector worker who’s never made even the slightest demand on the public purse, much less stick my snout ever deeper into it in times of economic pain. AND I AM ANGRY.

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