And just like that – they’re gone

Sunday afternoon. The University year is over, although not my year (yet). And suddenly, in the last 48 hours, the energetic lifeblood of the Warwick campus has drained away.

I got back on Friday night. Instead of the hordes of undergrads enjoying the warm weather on the piazza, there was only a handful of them. They’ve all gone, the 12,000 sub-22 year olds that make up two-thirds of this university’s daytime population. Summer has begun and the kids have departed, maybe for a season overseas, sleeping on the steps of cathedrals or riding pillion across India. Because they have the time.

I envy them. Because the only thing I’ve ever wanted is more time. I wish I could have my time again, a thousand times over: I’ve lived the best of all possible lives, but there’s a multitude of bests, and I want them all.

And sadness. The sadness that comes from the constant reminders that, all too soon, this strangest of years in my life will be over.

Goodbye, undergrads.

One thought on “And just like that – they’re gone

  1. I expect, for a 'mature' student such as yourself, the end of this adventure was always going to be one of the stranger times of your life. Having immersed yourself so fully in campus life, mixing so intimately with a demographic so far out of your normal experiences, two realisations are probably dawning on you; back to work brother, back to bills and mortgages, back to commuting, back to fighting for your commercial success. Secondly, back to what 'we' consider normal. Back to what we do every day, back to what we, who did not have the balls to do what you have done. Welcome back. Your life is richer for what you have done, you are a better man.

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