How about a shout-out, Harriet?

Hmmm… while I’d love an opportunity to bash Britain’s appalling government, I think the newspapers have blown this up out of proportion. The bill seems more about bringing various bits of legislation together rather than creating new rules. And anyway – ‘allowed to give a job to a woman over a man of equal ability’? Isn’t that just what happens now – you choose the best person for the job, and if there are two equally suited applicants you have to flip a coin?

I have to say, though, it’d be really, really nice if just ONCE, a spendthrift New Labourite would express gratitude to the most oppressed and put-upon group in Britain today – something like:

“And by the way, a word of thanks to the one minority that never gets ANY benefit from what we do, but which uncomplainingly pays the huge cost of implementing it all, every single time. Employed white middle-class males, THANK YOU!”

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