The importance of sandwiches

Back in the city! Starting my dissertation project in earnest, I’ll now be spending half of each week in London. Feeling fresh. Feeling fast, strong, healthy after nine months of study. Feeling pretty good, in fact.

And all the better for finding a good sandwich shop.

If there’s one feature that really ‘makes’ an office for me, it’s the proximity of a good sandwich shop. Not the Pret a Manger chain type, but an actual family-run deli style place, usually run by Italians, where the bread’s piled in a basket and they make big bowls of mixed fillings every day or two. There’s a great one in – of all places – Surrey Quays shopping centre, where I used to live; the danger in town is that the big chains have squeezed out the independents. Fortunately, the company I’m working with is right next to Sicilian Avenue, one of those London streets with immense character yet without being on the tourist trail, and – paydirt. An Italian-run deli where they greeted me like an old friend on my first visit.

Chicken and bacon with cheese in a ciabatta bun. Sorted.

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