I am scared to death of my Investments & Risk Management lecturer

I can’t believe it’s here so fast, but it is. My last module of the Warwick MBA is this week! And the lecturer is already scaring me shitless. What is this, Corporate Finance all over again? Another megabrained lecturer who I’m sure sneaks off at every break just to laugh at my incompetence with financial calculus?

Hell no. It’s worse than that.

This one’s got such a long CV I can barely believe she’s one person. She taught at Princeton, Oxford, and probably the InterGalactic Alliance of Extremely Clever People before Warwick; I’ve just been down her list of papers and most of them may as well be written in Latin. Whereas the Corporate Finance lecturer had a brain only moderately larger than that of Einstein, this one could have lectured Einstein and probably found reasons not to give him a pass. (“Think you’re getting out of that patent office anytime soon, Albert my boy? HUR HUR HUR HUR HUR HUR!!!”)

Investment & Risk Management requires Corporate Finance as a grounding, which means it’s going to be harder. Looking down the programme (I should possibly have started this more than 24 hours before the first lecture) there are long lists including things like Forwards and Futures, Derivative Swaps, Bond Portfolios (shaken not stirred) and enough greek letters to keep the Athens Post Office busy for months. Just how big IS their alphabet?

There’s a whole day on ‘Options’. I think my ‘option’ will be to sit with my head in my hands and sob quietly so she won’t ask me questions. Help!

One thought on “I am scared to death of my Investments & Risk Management lecturer

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