Milliband ready to take a punt

Things are moving. David Milliband is ready to save New Labour, he’s confided to Cabinet colleagues. How kind of him.

Personally my money’d be on Ed Balls – wouldn’t that be wonderful, Brown’s loyal lieutenant stabbing his old boss in the back? But Milliband would be an interesting Labour leader: better matched to Cameron in age and experience, yet without the Eton education that gives so many Tories their air of confidence. (For all his faults, Brown has greater gravitas than DC.)

Brown, of course, will fight tenaciously for the job he believes is his birthright. But his psychopathic tendencies will never allow him to admit he’s wrong or change course. I hope he doesn’t, anyway: he’s the Tories’ greatest electoral asset if he hangs on for a year or two.

New Labour has perpetrated such crimes on the United Kingdom that it doesn’t deserve any more chances. The torture it’s going through should not end cleanly, nor quickly. The demise of this bunch of preening socialists should be a long, drawn-out bloodletting, filled with pain and suffering.

This is going to be a great summer….

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