Back to skool

Term 3 begins! After a couple of weeks out of the classroom (but still mostly on campus), the last few modules are on the calendar. And it’s as if we’d never been away.

This term’s modules are differently flavoured: intensive one-week crammers rather than a lecture a week all term, and us fulltimers share them with visiting Modular and Distance Learning MBAs, all of whom seem equally great people. But the format? FOUR shorter lectures a day and project work (case study writeups and a presentation) in the evening, all of which is due this week. Twelve-hour days are the norm this week, plus a couple more hours doing the ‘further reading’ at home. I’m whacked already.

Other life events are happening apace, too. A work project in from Madrid and another from Paris which is probably going to involve a week over there; I’m also catching lifts to (possibly) two skydiving events over various weekends, to get in a couple of jumps between Strategic Brand and Risk Management modules in May. Not to mention Dreamforce Europe down in town, which I may have to cancel if the French are cool with my day rate. A student can hardly turn that down.

Strategising, skydiving, working for Spain, trips to France, talking to recruiters and visiting technology shows. My life’s coming back in a rush.

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