That’s not the point, Gords…

Gordon Brown says he’s ‘toiling every day‘ to fix the UK economy. But don’t you see, Gordon, that’s precisely the problem?

We know you’re toiling. We accept that. The problem is how you work, now how hard you work. You had more luck than any Chancellor in British history: you inherited a growing economy where you had every chance to make Britain’s public finances the most well-ordered in the world. And you blew it.

What you actually did during those years of growth… was what every Labour government does. In fact, the only thing Labour goverments are capable of: spend, spend, spend. And now it’s coming back to haunt you.

Despite a growing economy, in barely a decade Brown turned a UK surplus of £23bn into a £45bn deficit. Hundreds of billions have been sluiced into public service with little effect, eaten up by red tape and the endless control-freak complexity that’s a hallmark of New Labour. The tax take has risen as a percentage of average income, and Britain’s middle class is disappearing: soaked, squeezed, and hassled to death.

I suppose it’s too much to ask you to just say, ‘Sorry’?

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