Meet interesting and intelligent people from all over the world… and kill them

It was only a matter of time. Yet another TV crew has cannoned into a primitive culture without realising that a simple sneeze can have consequences for people never exposed to the right germs (it doesn’t matter whether it was this crew or not; the principle holds.)

Apparently the TV crew was so far upriver because the first tribe they were introduced to was ‘too Westernised’. (Well, yeah, and WHY are they ‘too Westernised’, Mr TV guy?) If you’ve ever seen a TV crew at work you’d know instantly how this stuff happens; getting a job in TV is hard enough that the people with such jobs tend to be very singleminded about getting the story or the shot, to the exclusion of everything else. Causing massive damage to a stately home, or blocking road access for 2000 people, or even causing a fatal illness in the subjects of your documentary, doesn’t matter a damn to them.

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