Meet interesting and intelligent people from all over the world… and kill them

It was only a matter of time. Yet another TV crew has cannoned into a primitive culture without realising that a simple sneeze can have consequences for people never exposed to the right germs (it doesn’t matter whether it was this crew or not; the principle holds.)

Apparently the TV crew was so far upriver because the first tribe they were introduced to was ‘too Westernised’. (Well, yeah, and WHY are they ‘too Westernised’, Mr TV guy?) If you’ve ever seen a TV crew at work you’d know instantly how this stuff happens; getting a job in TV is hard enough that the people with such jobs tend to be very singleminded about getting the story or the shot, to the exclusion of everything else. Causing massive damage to a stately home, or blocking road access for 2000 people, or even causing a fatal illness in the subjects of your documentary, doesn’t matter a damn to them.

Bouncing around campus

I’m having a reasonably fun week. Yes, at last I feel like a student. After last week’s exam madness, this week is going like a dream.

A couple of hours in the morning on an assignment; Corporate Finance essay planned, I wander over to the Learning Grid for coffee and reading. Wave to three other wandering MBAs over the course of an hour; a light lunch at Tiko; catch up with email. Some time in the wonderful atrium of University House, finishing last week’s Economist.

This is it. La Dolce Vita. The sweet life. Every day should be like this: full of variety, a mix of ideas, interesting things to do with just enough tension to make doing them worthwhile.

The day continues, and I continue with it, drifting around campus from venue to venue. Over to the Arts Centre, for tea with The Most Beautiful Girl In The World. Cross paths with another MBA; back to Lakeside; read-through the Modelling assignment draft, make my comments ready for editing tomorrow. Tasks crossed, even a frustrating hour-long conversation with my bank doesn’t dent my sunny disposition.

The bright afternoon turns to crisp evening, recent rain making the air smell fresh and clean as new-mown grass. A burger at Varsity serves as dinner. More waves and chats to three MBAs pleasantly adrift on the post-exam sea. Fix some dates with my Dissertation subject in London next week, confirm a couple of other meetings while I’m there, including a bite the same day with a friend who’s leaving, his Warwick term done.

The day’s been fairly busy; but unlike the last few months, I’ve actually got time to do stuff. Nothing’s popping up randomly and chaotically, like impromptu group meetings, endless phone conversations, or the aftermath of lectures. The sun’s shining, and all is right with the world.