Post mortem: Modelling & Analysis

Executive Summary: Starting from a poor quality dataset with high STEM, the SD of a 50% probability reduced with a positive effect on the Confidence Interval!

MAM is one of the really hard MBA courses – building and interpreting Excel tools that optimise or maximise KPIs for business – and everyone’s been dreading this one. Oddly, I found it strangely do-able.

In my business ‘modelling’ means making a prop for a photoshoot, so I was expecting performance to be, er, somewhat sub-Distinction level. It’s an ‘open book’ exam (you’re allowed to bring in notes) so last night I formulated a survival strategy: take in some model answers, whip through the 15 essay-type questions doing all the ones similar to my models, and leave the ones I just don’t get (*cough* regression and sensitivity *cough*) to the end. Ultimately, although I know I didn’t max out more than two or three questions markwise, I felt good enough about enough of them to feel pretty sure I’ve passed this one.

But as an aside: do WBS lecturers have informal competitions as to who can put the weirdest businesses in question format? The businesses that’ve appeared on exam papers this week include a chicken-breeding magazine, a maker of bicycles built for four people, a company making tapestries of witches to hang in your kitchen (it had a capacity of 15,000 a year, but who on EARTH would buy such a thing?) and a china tableware company that suddenly decided to go into industrial air filters. Are these guys laughing at us or what?

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