Post mortem: Marketing Strategy

Executive Summary: FINALLY an easy one. Let’s face it, if I found an exam with ‘marketing’ in the title difficult I’d need to seriously re-evaluate my life.

Two essays from a choice of eight, both with elastic subject matter I can fit a number of possible diagrams to to show I DID listen in class. There’s something for everyone here. One of my essays, though, ends up being based on my personal experience of segmenting history (geographics, demographics, then psychographics) rather than an amalgam of slides presented; I’m unlikely to get a high mark for it but at least the examiner will find it interesting. This is the first exam I know I’ve passed, and in such exams it’s good to have a little fun.

However, one thing’s really annoying me: the way people TALK in the exam hall, before, after, and even during the exam. They just won’t shut up. Mouths are twitching long before all papers have been collected; basically at the first possible moment they think they can get away with it. Why do so many people lack the self-discipline to stay shut up for just TWO FUCKING MINUTES longer?!!!

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