Yesterday’s news

The switchover’s happened. Halfway through the MBA, with team projects and groupwork over, and the Modular MBA crowd have taken over ‘our’ part of the WBS building. Syndicate rooms, coffee space, even printers are surrounded by an invisibile force field that clearly states: You Fulltimers Are No Longer Welcome Here. Stories abound of being physically pushed aside at photocopiers.

It is perfectly obvious what has happened here.

With the most structured teaching finished, the 2007 intake is now yesterday’s story. We have been abandoned to our fate, shunted into the gaping maw of weekly crammers and Project & Dissertation terms: no longer an 80-strong group of the ‘special ones’, but now merely faces in the vasty crowd of ALL Warwick’s MBAs, modular to executive to distance learning, a cast of thousands. We have been tossed aside like an outdated case study. On the fulltime programme, the focus will now be on the 2008 intake, marketing the Warwick MBA to a fresh crowd of hopefuls and getting those GMATs and signatures done in another round of the endless business of adult education. And it hurts.

Of course, we all knew this would happen. But when you’ve been working in each others’ pockets for months, you get territorial about the little spaces you inhabit; some of us have spent multiple all-nighters in those little Syndicate rooms, and now the syndicates are no more, the rooms have been re-allocated. To Executive people. To Distance Learning people. To Modular people.

(What is a ‘modular person’ anyway? Can you take them apart, unscrewing their heads and limbs, and click them back together in different configurations? Are they posable?)

I only just got here, but there’s a feeling now that my year out is already starting to end.

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