Seen on a box of microwaveable Thai curry I found in my fridge

Ingredients: Thai green chicken curry (60%), jasmine rice (40%). Thai green chicken curry contains thai green curry sauce (60%), cooked marinated chicken (40%). Thai green curry sauce contains coconut milk (43%) (water, coconut milk, maltodextrin, milk protein (from cow’s milk)), water, onion, green curry paste (4%) (coriander, sunflower oil, garlic, lemongrass, shallot, galangal, water, ginger, salt, green chilli, sugar, lime, basil, turmeric, acidity regulator: citric acid; coriander seeds, cumin), rapeseed oil, sugar, green chillies, coconut cream, modified maize starch, fish sauce (anchovy, salt, sugar), chicken boullion (salt, lactose, flavourings, dehydrated chicken, yeast extract, onion powder, sunflower oil, spice extract), lemongrass puree, lime juice, coriander, salt, soy sauce (water, salt, molasses, sugar, soya bean, wheat flour, colour: ammonia caramel; acidity regulator: lactic acid; preservative: sodium benzoate), fennel, lime leaves, nutmeg. Cooked marinated chicken contains chicken breast (90%), water, modified maize starch, rapeseed oil, coconut milk powder (coconut milk, maltodextrin, milk protein (from cow’s milk)), sugar, lemongrass puree, lime juice, fish sauce (anchovy, salt, sugar). Jasmine rice contains cooked jasmine rice (water, rice) (95%), rapeseed oil, spring onion, lemongrass puree, salt.

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