I am The Resolver

I resolve things.

It’s just what I do.

Communication problems in an MBA module. A valuable guy the class somehow isn’t gelling around, lots of surface friction preventing value being unlocked. I get people talking, then try to get past the personalities and search for the problems. Feeling around blindly on the dark ocean floor of base human behaviour swilled through the imperfect sieve of language, I slowly bubble-sort the issues. Then start to unpick them.

And sometimes when you unpick issues, they can be quite simple. A bit of talking, a day of polling, and what needs to be done is clear. So I do it. Invest a few hours, out-of-hours, diplomatically politicking between parties, gradually seeing the problems for what they really are: just typographical errors on the page of life.

And it works. The comments and emails post-resolution are still coming in.

I am The Resolver. I resolve things. It’s just what I do.

I can resolve anything.

Anything except the endless conflicts within myself.

One thought on “I am The Resolver

  1. I consider going to Warwick Uni, but it's so damn ugly I wouldn't know what to do with my poor right hemisphere. You've seen the place upfront for a while I suppose, so I wondered if you could bring me peace of mind by telling me of some pretty spot. I'm Edinburgh-bred since the last four years so I'm hard to please. Answer very much appreciated.

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