A new dawn

OK, after a great Friday I’ve bounced back a bit; it’s amazing what the buzz of the City around me, a real release of pent-up tension, and a few glasses of wine in intelligent company can do. Getting there and back in a day really blows the budget for a student, but I just need to do this stuff once a month or I really would go under. Life is about having opportunities, and every time my train pulls into Euston I get that tingling sensation of Possibility Everywhere.

The day made a difference. I was glowing so much that back at Coventry Station a guy asked to share a taxi back to the University, thinking I was “a second year”. Which would make me about 21. (At which point I almost offered to have his children.)

But this weekend I’ve GOT to knuckle down to those Corporate Finance questions, with only a burger at Varsity likely to break the monotony. Life is hard. As it should be.

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