Sometimes I surprise even myself

A manic weekend. 12 straight hours trying to get to grips with Corporate Finance (or at least catch up on my lecture notes), a visit from non-university people to campus, snatch an afternoon tea with The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, and … in barely more than two hours, whomp up a creative concept for a European client that’s so brilliant I’m almost in shock.

From a simple phoned-in brief about 4 audiences spanning 3 constituencies and an array of proposed touchpoints and outcomes, I’ve cooked up an 11-touch sequential marketing programme with a unifying idea connected by web page support, 33% one-to-one messaging and two-thirds word-of-mouth driven by a clever concept unconnected to, but riffing on, the commercial goal of the campaign. It’ll build an audience for my client’s product and get them talking about it for under £20K spread over nine months.

I may be no great shakes when it comes to strategy or finance; for proof of that, all I need to do is look around me on the MBA course. But as a plain-vanilla, no-tricks no excuses, sod-busting shit-kicking cap-wearing card-carrying copywriter – someone who dream up ideas for communication and just executes, executes, executes – I’m so good it’s kind of scary.

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