Creativity vs. hard work

The Japanese turns his head quizzically and states, “Ah, these creative things, I find so hard. I wish I could learn to do such things.”

What the FUCK?

I’m trying to revise something titled ‘Specification Variable Estimation in Regression Analysis’, spanning two textbooks, two modules, and about four cups of coffee. I’ve got a reasonable head for figures but this stuff is unaccountably HARD.

The Japanese, however – who finds this stuff ‘easy’ – is pointing towards a crop of campaigns in the corner that took less than two hours to conceive, write, and design. It’s one of the simplest advertising campaigns I’ve ever written.

How the FUCK could anyone find this stuff hard? It’s just words and pictures, arranged in a certain way, optimised to sync with enough nuances of human communication to make it likely to provoke some sort of response, cocktailed with a sizeable bullshit factor.

Hell, unlike maths, it doesn’t need to be anywhere near exact; you just have to be able to argue it out artfully. (What, exactly, would happen if you wrote ‘The answer may vary by up to 100% due to the fallibility of the human condition’ on a Corporate Finance exam paper?)

Mathematics isn’t part of normal human experience; beautiful it may be (I’ve read a fair bit of string theory and the geometry of physics is awe-inspiring) but it takes serious sweat to understand the numbers behind nature. And in some ways, the closer it gets to everyday experience (Management Accounting and Corporate Finance) representing it as numbers seems ever more artificial. How the FUCK can anyone find this stuff easy?

And how can anyone find creativity hard?

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