Where did the day go?

Ha ha. I thought at the start of term that with FOUR afternoons a week unscheduled things might be a litttle less hectic. Yeah, right.

A lecture finished at 1pm, then a brief interview upstairs, then some errands ‘downtown’ (central campus) involving dry cleaning and juggling cash between bank accounts ready for the huge-ass fee debit this week, a snatched baked potato at the Arts Centre and last week’s Economist devoured for lunch. Then home, a conf call scheduled in, laundry wet and dry parts straddling the call, all of which works with only a small hint to my client that she’s called while I was leaving the campus launderette. Work sheets printed for tomorrow’s marathon lecture day, today’s notes filed into a sequence that’ll make sense when I write up my flashcards, and OH HELL IT’S PAST SIX PM. Where did the day GO?!!

At least the laundry contains another of those amusing Warwick University Accommodation signs. You’ve got to laugh, haven’t you.