The day it rained forever

It’s been raining at Warwick University since Thursday.

I’ve been back at ‘school’ a few months now, but tonight really felt like it. Because it was my first session in the Humanities building, one of the original University buildings from the 60s. It was so like going to comprehensive school in the 80s I almost shivered with the naughtiness of it. The same pale cream crumbling paint layered ten coats deep over sills and windowframes, cheap green paper towels in the toilets, overcooked radiators blasting dry eco-unfriendliness, and blackboards. Yes, proper blackboards with real chalk.

And the smell. Magnified by the rain, the smell is everywhere. The smell of teenagers: cheap perfume, stale sweat, boiled cabbage, free-range hormones and old socks. The Humanities Block is a proper Skool. The Business School’s beautifully geometric building is so fit-for-purpose it just couldn’t be any better: a song of cool lines and orderly corridors, and being in this other building reminds me that most people in British education don’t have it so good.

It was fun, though (the French class I sort of missed last week) and added to the sheer weirdness of being a university student in my 30s. I hope I have a few more weird experiences like this before September comes.

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