What exactly happened in New Hampshire?

Hitting CostGouger earlier I passed a ‘lary of newspapers proclaiming Barack victor in the second American primary. Yet tonight it seems Hillary won. What’s wrong with this picture?

Hillary would’ve been my choice: I go for grizzled and experienced over youth and hope. I mean, putting up with Bill is qualification enough to run a country. If she’s indeed pulled it off after the dip in Iowa, it’s a good sign: the race continues, neither candidate building up too much momentum.

But was this like the 2000 US election as televised on UK screens – I went to bed depressed thinking Bush had won it, only to wake up in the false dawn of hope as Al Gore (rightly) disputed the result? 2004 was at least foregone: Bush’s gang fiddled the result so obviously it’s breataking how few newspapers followed the story.

(There are very few real journalists left in the USA. Look at the actual results across districts with fewer TV crews in place Ohio and Florida, and it’s statistically impossible that Bush actually won: the Diebold machines were tampered with beyond any shadow of a doubt. Yet no mainstream media bothered to publish it.)

But with the latest report at 8.30pm UK time, it seems Hillary won New Hampshire, which means Obama’s broken: he won’t survive this for long. The next president of the USA may well be a woman. And a woman, even more than hope, is what America needs today.

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