Putting on weight

I’m getting seriously chunky here at Warwick.

Okay, so post-Christmas isn’t the ideal time to wonder about flab content, but I weigh in at 76kg at present. My ‘natural’ weight’s a bit suboptimally skinny, at about 71kg. (I’m sort of an ectomorphic mesomorph, far from the classic Anglo-Saxon dumpy endomorph so common in Britain.) But triathon-induced muscle mass holds me around 74kg in normal times, which is about right for my height: a lean mean machine. (In my mind anyway.)

But for most of Term 1 I didn’t spend much time in the gym, which means my recent gains are due to something altogether softer and gooeyer than muscle: we’re talking FAT. I’m carrying around 40 hamburger patties that shouldn’t be there. I’m back in the pool a lot, so should convert that 4kg into muscle during Term 2, but right now the flab’s having a ‘moment’.

I wonder if the campus medical room offers liposuction?!

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