I hate tissues

I’ve never seen the point of tissues.

I mean, okay, I can see what tissues are supposed to do: you blow your nose on them. But are the flimsy scraps of barely-there gossamer you find in boxes of Kleenex really ‘fit for purpose’? They’re so delicate! You’d think a minimum spec for a tissue would be that it survives one blow, but no: today’s tissues fall apart at the slightest sneeze, leaving your hands to do most of the nasally-focussed mopping-up operations. Tissues suck.

Kitchen roll is where it’s at. Stronger, designed for wiping up industrial-scale spills and scrubbing stains – THAT’S what you need to combat today’s sniffles season. They don’t break up in action, and you can even stuff them in a pocket and use them again if necessary. Kitchen roll is the perfect halfway house between the fragility of tissues and the toxic waste dump of a handkerchief.

I’ve got two boxes of tissues in my room, and I haven’t opened either yet. Tissues just don’t work for me.

(Reading this blog again: I MUST be bored to write crap like this. Time to start on my Corp Finance pre-reading, methinks.)

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