This is really boring

3.30pm and I’m ready for dinner. Dear me, living on a deserted university campus is worse than spooky; it’s BORING.

I mean, I should be appreciating a few days of doing my own thing, catching up with consulting work (gotta pay those tuition fees somehow) in the peace and quiet. But somehow I can’t settle properly. Normally I enjoy being alone, but ‘alone’ to a Londoner means the anonymity of the city, being alone in a crowd, not alone because there’s nobody else about.

Let’s see: I’ve had all the baths and showers one can usefully have in an afternoon, checked email more times than is healthy, and completed not one, but two tax returns (personal and business) but I’m still REALLY REALLY BORED. I think I’ll have an early dinner.

Dead in the water

There must several hundred aquatic birds living at Warwick U, mostly of the breed in this pic, but plenty of shorter-necked ducks and a pair of swans too.

Which raises the question: how come I’ve never seen a dead one?

I mean, your average duck has a lifespan of a couple of years at most, which means a couple of ducks a week should make their last quacks. Yet I’ve never seen so much as a wobbly one wandering about at Lakeside.

Do ducks bury their dead or something? Where are the dead ones?