An apology to Deepak

After neglecting to mention him in this farewell to Mannheimers blog, I’d like to make it clear that Dee Pathak (aka ‘Deep Attack’) is sodding off back to Mannheim too, despite not coming from there in the first place. In addition, the Mannheimers, of which Deepak is now one although he’s never been there and wasn’t one before, are leaving Warwick to go to not Mannheim, but somewhere in France or Canada. Meaning that one Mannheimer who isn’t from Mannheim will not receive a single lecture at Mannheim Business School until the first half of his MBA’s over, while ten Mannheimers who ARE from Mannheim will spend a term at Warwick and a term somewhere equally non-Mannheim before returning to Mannheim. (Confused yet? I am.)

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