Three down, one to go

Market Analysis exam over. Just Operations Management tomorrow, then it’s a clear run to the end of Term 1’s work with an Economics assignment. What fun.

Next term’s working out okay, too, even though I’m doing an ill-advised third elective (increases workload, but it was the only way to get the mix of modules I wanted, half hard quant and half softer strategic stuff.) I must be the only person deliberately doing the stuff I’m no good at – my two big weaknesses in business are finance and strategy; I’ve always been a seat-of-the-pants creative type whose financial projections tend to be back-of-envelope, best-guess stuff. (Actually, I think that’s how professional financiers work as well; it’s just that they don’t admit it.)

The good thing is, next term all my lectures are in the mornings – four days a week, I have nothing scheduled after 12.30, except for Tuesdays when lectures go on into the evening (doing a language is compulsory on the Warwick MBA, so Tuesday evenings will be filled with the sounds of France.) Three elective modules, two core modules, the POM personal development module, and a language: it may be only seven scheduled sessions a week, but each is of three and a half hours, and with teamwork and projects outside the lecture hall I’ve a feeling it’ll be no less busy than this term.

But at least with lectures over with by 12.30 most days, I have the whole afternoon to use. (With free mornings, it’s all too easy to use them to catch up on sleep.) If I race to the pool at 12.30, I can grab a hot lunch at 1.30 before University House cafe closes, then have a straight run from 2pm to late. And with Corporate Finance and Management Accounting on my list, I’m going to need it…

One thought on “Three down, one to go

  1. I did a masters degree in the subject I was weakest at as an undergrad, specifically because it was weakest.

    (Don't talk to me about the lecturer we had, grrr).

    Hadn't heard of anyone else doing that kind of thing, so well done you 🙂

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