Let’s do lunch sometime

Lunch at University House was awesome today.

I realise that’s not a blog title that’ll set the world ablaze, but I was really impressed. Now I’m back in the pool a lot, I get hungry, so I’ve been having a hot lunch most days at the cafe in University House opposite my favourite spot, the Learning Grid. Usually there’s a choice of three or four hot meals, none of that microwaved-from-frozen stuff so common in university cafeterias; this stuff always feels homemade. Today it was Christmas Lunch. And it was amazing!

Roast turkey carved on the spot, and no Asda Special Turkey either: it tasted free-range, mix of dark and white meat, generous servings expertly carved. Add to that fluffy roast potatoes, stuffing, gravy – the equal of anything I’ve had in London – and extras like brussels, carrots, parsnips, and chipolatas with bacon, and for £5 or so it was breathtaking. (Doing parsnips and potatoes properly takes care: you’ve got to start with real heat and watch carefully. Doing it on an industrial scale takes serious skill.) How did they do that? Forget lunch; I’d be fine with that for dinner.

Of course, after the exam this morning (OB today) and 60 lengths I was hungry anyway; any kind of protein would’ve done. But discovering that a low-cost cafe – a university canteen, what’s more – can cook a brilliant Christmas lunch for a fiver is awesome. If I were 18, a canteen like this would be enough reason to come to Warwick in itself.

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