Extreme accounting

Wow! That was INTENSE!!! Is ANYTHING on earth more exhilarating than investment ratio analysis?

OK. That was a joke. I’m definitely not turning into some kind of sad financial bastard, oh dear me no.

But still – the Accounting & Finance exam was pretty extreme. 2 questions in 2 hours, and on each one I (along with everybody else) was writing right up to the wire. I chose a question on cashflow forecasting and another on the RONA pyramid, and learned in CostGouger (where the entire cohort seemed to go shopping afterwards) that I’d missed one really, really important point about the 1000 SKUs the T shirt seller had purchased before starting up in business. Which meant his bank balance didn’t dip into overdraft as it was supposed to, making my advice to the business owner (go for it and forget about your bank manager) completely nonsensical, although self-consistent (which is the basis the exam is marked on.) So overall I think I did okay – about 65% I’d guess, definitely a pass even in the worst case. No chance of a Distinction though – T-Shirt-Tony, I curse you.

And I’m fired up! I NEEDED something like this to get me interested/involved in financial matters, and now I feel almost – almost – ready to chat on equal terms with my clients and contacts about jobs next year, after putting Management Accounting and Corporate Finance under my belt too.

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