A few hard lengths

Hmmm, 72 lengths, not bad. I try to do sets of 12 lengths rather than 10 at the pool these days; incremental improvement, and if I can do 5 minutes a set I’m hitting my target time. (Yeah, I KNOW Ian Thorpe does 1500m in under 15mins; I said MY target time, not the Thorpedo’s…)

I’m now back in the water often enough to get tired, which does wonders for my technique; I seem to thrash around for 20+ lengths unable to co-ordinate properly, and then when I start getting tired, my body sort of realises it’s got to apply some methods if it’s to complete another 40 lengths within half an hour. It’s always about 30 lengths before I settle down properly and start stroking in a manner that doesn’t make passersby snort with laughter. Got to get a grip on that.

It’s symptomatic of a real problem I have in life: I can’t just Be Here Now. Life should be about the journey, not the destination. But my trouble is, I only ever think about where I’m going, not where I am. Just wish I could relax enough to enjoy the journey.

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