Well, does it? DOES IT?!!

I’ve been trying for hours. The Box Office staff can’t help. it seems NOBODY can answer that all-important question: does the Arts Centre’s showing of ‘The Darjeeling‘ include the short companion film beforehand where Natalie gets her kit off?

I mean, it may be ‘brief and tasteful’ (damn) but let’s face it, a naked Natalie Portman is a huge plus point for going to see a film. I have a heavy revision schedule this weekend and two hours is too long to spend on anything that DOESN’T include Natalie naked.

11.22pm: IT DOES!!! Yes, the UK release of the film indeed includes ‘Hotel Chevalier’, which contains important riffs and motifs relating to the main feature. I’ve no idea why ‘The Darjeeling’ was released in the US without it.

Although I must admit, the way I jumped up in the cinema shouting ‘YEESSSSS!!!’ when the announcement appeared for the short film was a bit embarassing…

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