Shaky-kneed, blurred, vision, stumbling off the rollercoaster

Term 1 done!

The first quarter of my MBA has been a wild ride, and now the lecture season’s over – just a few days of revision, then exams next week – I’m strangely nonplussed. Just as I’ve settled into my new life, I get reminded that it’ll all be over before I know it.

(I only have 3 taught weeks in Term 3 and Term 4 is project/dissertation on site with my client, so effectively I’ll be back at work by April.)

It’s been a good term though, busy to the point of arrestable violence and hard enough to feel worthwhile.

A Marketing Professor for whom there’s been an odd correlation between the professional marketers in the cohort and low assessed scores. (Does this mean academics in marketing are talking crap?) An Economics lecturer who balances hardass macroeconomical graphs with expressions like, ‘And we refer to this technically as ‘the shit hitting the fan’.’ An Operations tutor with so much passion for his subject he can make production lines and decimal minutes interesting. And even the abtruse sociology of Organisational Behaviour has been brought to life by a three-metre tall lecturer.

My personal life isn’t where I want it to be, but my new professional direction is all working, and I’m starting to worry less about the next ten years. And that’s all I want in life, really: for the endless inner frustration to stop.

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