I hate revision

You know those days when you leap out of bed at 7 ready to put in a full day of revision for a subject you’re weak on and then you start procrastinating like answering a bunch of emails and taking your time over coffee and then making a few phone calls and writing up notes on lectures and attacking bits of odd paperwork that aren’t due for weeks and I don’t like the way that zoom lens looks on my camera so I think I’ll swap it with the prime to make it look smarter on my shelf and rearranging textbooks in a neat line because it feels like you’re doing something and then feeling a bit hungry so you wander over to the Arts Centre for lunch and then do a bit of Christmas Card shopping and then trundle back wondering if you’ve got any more email to answer and oh crap it’s already past 1pm…?

Well I’m having one.

3 thoughts on “I hate revision

  1. I sooo understand and am in the same place. Revision… I have the best intentions, but they never materialise as I get bored, anxious, hungry, sleepy, confused, then I hate my lack of progress

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