The horrors of the CV book

WBS produces a CV book every year for a select few companies that recruit MBAs, and it’s scary to see just how high the standard of other people in my cohort is. I mean, every other page is full of ‘Top 5 people in Class’, ‘No. 1 in University’, and other such stuff.

Lots of people think MBAs are arrogant. In fact, we’re the last class of people capable of being arrogant, since we’re among so many people many of whom are, statistically speaking, FAR BETTER THAN US all the time. Being an MBA is humbling, not ennobling. You learn to realise just how good other people are.

For instance, I’ve been called smug. I’m not smug. I was pretty sure I didn’t act smug or look smug.

Until I opened the CV book and saw the unforunate photo chosen. And then Damascene moment –

“Holy shit, I AM a smug bastard!”

Time for a hot bath and some self-reflection.

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